Bacterial skin infectionsIn our life we do many things go to work celebrate with friends play sports and other many things every day and one of the most skin problems we all suffer from is the bacterial skin diseases or infections specially in summer with hot weather and sweating and is more common in young age and our kids and the treatment of it based on 2 things avoid the previous things and topical and systemic antibiotics and the list of these bacterial skin problems can be summarized as below:

1-impetigo (bullous and non bullous)


3-staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome (ssss)


5-toxic shock syndrome

6-folliculitis (superficial and deep)

7-hidradenitis suppurativa


9-pitted keratolysis

And these some of most common bacterial skin infections or bacterial skin diseases affect men and woman in all ages.

the Staphylococcus aureus

and you can look at that photo above about the most common bacterial infection

which be the cause of most bacterial skin diseses and every disease will be discussed in simple way and hope you can learn about these skin problems we all suffer from in any age of our life.

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