I have VERY bumpy non-inflamed (nor red) skin on my face. I have tried

exfoliating with different exfoliates thinking they were just  pores but

the exfoliating either didnt help or just exacerbated the spots and I got more

and they got irritated. They never go away unless maybe I’m on birth control

or something. Changing cleansers doesnt help either. I hardlly ever wear

makeup right now and what I do wear is Everyday minerals. This is not going

away and taking over my face. I”m very self-conscious about it. I’ve gotten

these bumps on and off through the years but only recently (I’m 29 btw) have

they become worse and my skin seems even oilier than it used to. Could I be

allergic or sensitive to some type of food that could cause this? Candida? I

can’t figure it out.


sometimes in this summer this not consider acne

cause you are 29 and aslo pass the common age that acne can affect you

so all you have to do is to go dermatolgist to check your face

and these if you like to deal with your self as you are kno what acne is:

-avoid sun

- do not scratch it

- do not use any perfume

- use antibitoic as it may be just some folliculitis something related to boils

- use acne cream not gel to avoid irritations

- use sunscreen cream in case this irritations comes more when you have sun


this not candida (just with the things you said )

and if it is rounded and this round being increase with itching and in solitary

type ( just one lesion so you may doubt to have fungal infection)

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