Anhidrosis in humans: definition-causes-symptoms-treatment (anhydrosis) absence of sweating:

Anhidrosis definition:

Is that absence of sweating? Yes it can be but it is very rare and not seen a lot

in people and this skin problems is defined as absence of sweating from the

surface of your skin in the presence of normal stimulus cause sweat like hot

temperature or weather and this skin condition can be from the sweat gland

or the nerve pathway of it and the list of causes:

anhidrosis causes:


-hypothalamus tumor

-unknown causes

-sweat gland fatigue

-sweat gland dysfunction: any problem affects its function like ichthyosis

anhidrosis symptoms:

- dryness face

- dryness hand

- dryness skin

- bad effect of human mood when he or she feels this dryness

anhidrosis treatment:

- calm water and warm water

- calm lotinos and creams

- avoid sun to not increasing the problem

they are some research on some points like aquaporins 5 to can cause

excessive sweating for people who suffer from it and still not approved yet.

is that can happen to horses (equine):

yes it is famous problem in them

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