A few days ago i got a prescription of a benzoyl peroxide 10% wash, along

with some pills doxycilide or something like that with a d

I have used tazorac most recently before that and didn’t dsee any favorable results

The first day i used the wash, on my back and shoulders and chin i didn’t feel

any different and my skin felt fine after using it, but when i woke up the next

morning my face, but mostly neck and chest were very itchy and red. I have

read that possible side effects are itchy and irrittated skin, but those have

also been listed under sever alergic reaction effects as well

After using it a second time, ignoring the irritation, i developed a bit of a rash

on my chest and some red spots down my stomach, i guess caused when the

medicine washed down my body. I don’t have any visible swelling, although

my bottom lip feels a bit swollen, but i can’t tell if that is me being paranoid

or if it is actaully swollen, i have had a little bit of difficulty swallowing too,

but not bad

I have only used the product twice and have read that the body can at firrst

be irritated by benzoyl peroxide, especially with a high concentration, but

will eventualy become tolerant and the medicine can be used without any


Are my symptoms of itchyness and redness, mostly on my neck and chest

where the medicine washes down from my chin i guess, due to the initial

irritation that comes with using the medicine for the first time at a fairly high

concentration, or is it an allergic reaction? Should i continue to use the

product, if it is an allergic reaction would continued use be harmful or fatal?

I would also like to note that my upper back and shoulders has the most

prolific acne and that part of my body is not red or itchy, it’s only my neck

and chest, where there is a little acne on my chest but none on my neck


any drug in all the markets can have allergy to some person sometimes be

rare but if you feel allergyto drug and you feel abnoraml stop it once and

consult your dermatolgist to give you somethin else and there is alot of acne

products can help to like ;

retin a


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