All skin diseases: common skin diseases, rare skin diseases. A lot of you

cannot imagine how many skin problems we see in clinics and how many we

see in books , there are more than 1000 skin problems, some of them are

common and other are less common, sometimes there are some rare skin

diseases we see once every month or even year.

Common skin diseases

There are 10 common skin diseases or skin problems considered 70% of all

skin diseases we always see in hospitals and skin clinic

1- Acne vulgaris (pimples)

One of the most common skin problem we see and have to treated good to

have best result and there are many types of acne like: acne conglobata, acne

steroid, acne keloid and acne rosacea

2- Eczema

The second common skin disease and can affect all parts of body and cause

dryness of skin, with big names and types like: hand eczema, atopic eczema

and contact dermatitis

3- Bacterial skin diseases

Many types like: folliculitis, impetigo and cellulites

4- Viral skin diseases

Many types like: wart, chickenpox and herpes

5- Fungal skin diseases

Many types like: tinea capitis and tinea pedis

6- Psoriasis

7- Vitiligo

8- Nail disorders

9- Photosensitivity problems

10- Hair loss

Other common skin diseases:

1- Lichen planus

2- Red face

3- Neurofibromatosis

4- Urticaria

5- Hyper pigmentations and hypo pigmentations

6- Necrolytic acral erythema

7- Vitamins difeciency

8- Rosacea

9- Leprosy

10- TB

11- Acanthuses Nigerians

Rare skin diseases:

There are many rare skin diseases we do not see a lot, something like you

can see once a year or even once in all your life and we can mention some

names from these rare skin diseases we can see once every month or by


1- Dermatofibrosarcoma

2- A Merkel cell carcinoma

3- angiosarcoma

4- Tuberous sclerosis

5- Leishmaniases

6- Leukemia Cutis.

7- Birt-Hogg-Dubé Syndrome

8- Gyrate Erythemas

9- Multiple Cutaneous Leiomyomas

10- Scleromyxedema

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