I am having brown spots show up on my face. I am 38 and used to spend time

in the sun–haven’t in years now. I get a twice a month outbreak like

clockwork. Around when I ovulate and when I have a period. I have an oily T

zone and am covered in red scars. How can I keep moisture on my face so I

don’t age early and also keep oil off of my face? I have had it already!

I wash with acne medicated wash.


if the brown spots appear in the same places of the breakout it will be post

hyperpigmentation spots from acne

if the spot in all face and some in hands the dorsum of it and other places it is

sun bron spot or lentigines spot

the choices for you is to use sunscreen every time you go out and before out

by half hour and if your work last in sun more than 2 hours use it again after 2


using peeling creams if it is from acne with also the sun screen

and so acne do not cause aging skin

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