You know how they say if you don’t pick your pimples that it won’t leave a

scar. I never picked at any of the ones that were on my face that turned into

red scars. I can’t seem to get rid of them, and it seems ot just keep getting

worse. I can’t afford to go to a dermotoligist right now and i was wondering if

there is anything that actually works, gets rid of the redness and the scarring,

and just evens my skin tone? if anybody could help me out id’ greatly

appreciate it.
Anybody here of dermshed emuscar kit does it actually work???


every one had acne will develop acne scar if pick the pimples or not

the degree of scar vary from one to another and you may see people had acne

and there is skin looks clear but it can not be . it had very tiny superficial scar

but no one can see it

scars may be superficial and deep ones

the treatment available

chemical peels for just skin tone and luster

dermabrasion and microdermabrasion act as the same  of chemical peeling

best choice but expensive is

fillers for deep scar and laser for small numbers deep scar

ther eis another things

like surgery grafting

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