I am 24 and still battling with acne on my face, neck, back, and shoulder area.

I had really bad acne that left scars as a teenager. I recently came to the

conclusion that it must be related to a food allergy, as I am very good about

keeping clean and have tried every single product known to acne


About a week ago, I began keeping a food diary and eliminating dairy as a

culprit and also increasing my veggies and fruits. I eat decently healthy and

am pretty active. My acne has really cleared up, but now I have the unsightly

scars to deal with. I still have a little acne and I know I am only a week in on

this experiment. I am just curious as to how much dairy I should eliminate?

Right now I only eat eggs. I guess the next step is to eliminate sugars as well

as carbs like pasta and rices that are not multigrain.

This post is just some healthy advice for some that still struggle. Your skin is

an organ and it rids the body of toxins. You just have to determine what

toxins these are. It could be diet related. So please give it a shot! It has

helped me and I even took birth control to help with acne, but it never went

away. Hope this helps.


yes natural food help not in acne but in all things and with acne no big

evidence that food make acne but as acaution you should eat some food with

little amount in this situation

food with sugar and choclates

foot rich in fats

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