I have a problem with picking my skin when I break out in any sort of rash or

acne breakout. But, this time I think I have gone too far. A few days ago after

being in the sun for a couple of days in a row, my chest broke out in a pimple

like rash that looked like acne. I have been on treatments for acne for the past

few months and have just recently in the last few weeks seen improvement,

until this happened. Long story short, I  picked at 90% of the bumps until

they were open sores. This was around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. Now Im

left with about 20 open sores all over my chest. Im worried because they are

extremely red and swollen (it feels like I got attacked by misquito bites when

I wash them) and although they are starting to crust over a bit, they burn like

heck when I shower (sometimes they start to be painful even without

showering). I am currently on Bactrim DS twice a day, so if I went to the

hospital they would just tell me to keep taking that most likely (since that is

the strongest antibiotic next to cipro). Putting neosporin has not helped with

my wounds in the past, but these just seem more inflamed then ever before.

Any advice? Is this reddness and swelling normal?


yes this normal reaction of your body called inflammation and followed by

swelling and this happen because you try to pick the skin pimples you have

so all you need to do not worry and keep your treatment and even you need

to have some calm lotion for red area and if it spread you may go to your

dermatologist as it may be fooliculitis something like boils and false acne on

chest and so if it last for 7 days with no improvement

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