I have just turned 29 and am suffering with cystic acne along with all manner

of spots on my face, back and chest.

I have had mild to moderate spots since puberty and at the age of 18 had a

cyst removed from one of my ovaries. Shortly afterwards my consultant

recommended i take the contraceptive pill to help regulate my cycle. I took

dianette for the next 6 years until at 24 i could take it no more ( swings and


Since then my skin has gone from bad to worse. I suffer mainly for the second

half of my menstrual cycle and after ovulation my skin goes nuts. My doc said

it is not PCOS as my cycle is regular and i am not overweight. A few years ago

i had some blood taken at the beginning of my cycle and these were normal. I

do have a little excess hair growth (nothing major) and dreadfully painful

heavy periods.

Anyway…..i had my fist dermaology appointment today (i am desperate), she

did not seem too interested in my hormone theory and suggested

Roaccutane or Accutane as i think its called in the states. Having read the

side effects i am scared to death of taking what seems to be quite a strong


I have tried antibiotics and topical lotions in the past along with all manner

or skincare regimes but i only seem to end up with dry spotty skin! i feel

incredibly depressed and some days try and avoid leaving the house.

If anyone has any suggestions i would love to hear them? has anyone had any

success with vitamin supplements or herbal remedies??


accutane is not that bad as it is consider one of the best choice in acne

treament these days and as you use it as short time will not have big

problems just the minor side effect

and as you are 29 some dcotrs like to begin with spironolactone as it is good

for late onset acne

but remebr your dermatologist is the first one who can help you

and the treatment not just accutane

-topical combined acne care cream

-systemic like accutane or spironolactone

-sytemic antibiotic or corticosteroid for short period to avoid side effect

and about herbal remedies for acne

yes it is good for some acne treatment but which is mild acne

in your case herbal will improve it but not cure it

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