I’m sixteen and got a really bad spell of acne on my chest starting January

2010. For the most part the acne is gone now, but there is some really

obvious pigment discoloration where the acne was. It is mostly brown, with

red where the worst of the acne was. My dermatologist has perscribed

Alcometasone Diproprionate, a topical steroid, to help with the redness and

some of the brown but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. She also advised

I put on 15 spf sunscreen, wait 15 mins, then sun it for 15 mins. It doesn’t do

much. Is there any surefire way to get rid of this discoloration fast?? Thank



this problem of of brown spots after acne will solved by time not fast but not

long by using something like panthen if the brown spot is small

and if that one with large types you should using creams that have peels

effect or doing peels with your dermatologist with caring of area after peels

like using sunscreen and covering it

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