creamAcne cream and gel

Acne vulgaris is chronic inflammatory skin problems affects boys and girls

and world wide disease. the  most common cause is hormonal causes and the

topical treatment of acne is one of the three types of acne treatment available

in the markets and topical acne products every day have new names and new

effect and become more powerful and effective on acne, sometimes the same

product have 2 combination and most of nowadays acne cream is giving very

good result and the trade name is a lot but the scientific names is still the

same and not always new one but more effective ones comes to markets and

doctor should give topical treatment after many experience and we can said

for examples:


patient should not wash their face always and don’t scrubbing it

to not make acne worse and the patient should wash face gently twice /day

with mild non-soap cleanser if the doctor ask for that as doctor can see it

more we can write and doctor have the decision for his or her patient.

Benzoyl peroxide

Topical retinoid



-topical isotretinoin


Topical antibiotics

Azeliac acid 20 %

Topical steroid

Sulphur 2%


And we will try giving simple information bout its use and how to use and

what is the benefit and what is the side effect of it.

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