After about a year I decided to lose some weight. I dropped 40 pounds . Then

I broke out with the conglobata (I found the name in a thrift store looking at a

medical book). It’s been 7 months with it on my arm/shoulder/back

junction. I became a vegetarian along the way. Sleep has been problematic

but lately can get some done almost like normal. I figure about 2 or 3 pounds

of toxins came out through my skin. Diet, exercise, and belief in a higher

power gave me enough hope to get through this. Probably another couple

months to get it all cleared up. I can see new clear skin where there was once

messy acne. About 20% cleared up but hoping for the rest to clear


acne conglobate is one type of acne but spread more that one occured on

face and sometimes have severe degree and it affect upper shoulder arms

back and this type can treated by your dermatologist by:

-combined acne cream

-oral antibiotics for acne

-iso tretinoin tablets to avoid any acne scar

if you get irritation while using treatment using sunscreen and avoid

sunexposure as you can with no scratching the site of this acne

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