please someone help =( I am soooooooooooooooooooooo sick of this. I have

had acne and the more I stress out the more I break out… so I have scars

combined with breakouts here and there =( I know a relative who has been

using hydrogen peroxide but diluted and it has helped his skin, but I am

afraid of the fact that it damges cells


always do not use any drugs or treatment for acne without permission from

your dermatologist as all drugs have the way to use and when they begin to

work and when they should be stoped

stress is one of the causes of acne and one causes which make acne worse so

face the facts and stop that feeling

scar can be treated after you treat your breakout and you should use

accutane to stop formation of scars it help well in this

visit your dermatologist soon

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