I am a 31 year old female professional who has been struggling with acne

since freshman year of high school. I started to see a dermatologist right

away and 17 years later I am still seeing a dermatologist. I have tried everything under the sun with both positive and negative effects. My body after a while starts to become immune and I get break outs all over again. I started accutane 3 weeks ago because it is the last resort to clear skin or shall I say oil free/acne free skin. Prior to starting accutane I was having major break outs on my face, back, and chest. I was so embarrassed that I would not wear a tank top or anything that would expose those areas. My doctor suggested accutane and I jumped at the chance. So, here is my journey on accutane.

40 mg of isotretinoin once daily

I started the medication and I immediately started to realize that I was having more headaches than usual. My lips became dry almost immediately, which, I was surprised about. I knew my lips would become dry but I thought it would come later in treatment. I have been using carmex and it has been a life saver. I never leave home without it. I had a break out on my left side of my cheek. I don’t know why only on my left side but it happened. I also had two huge and painful cysts that surfaced right between my eyes. They are still there 3 weeks later. Fortunately, I wear glasses and I am able to cover them up a little. My dermatologist offered to give me a cortisone injection but I declined.

So, I have noticed that my face is less oily, which, is exciting. I hate looking in the mirror and thinking how disgusting is that. Both my chest and back seem to be clearing, but the marks on my back are still there. I hope in time those marks will fade. My face is still breaking out allot, which, makes me very sad. I have two more cysts that decided to join the first two. They are so painful it even hurts to wash my face. I am so embarrassed, especially at work. I work with patients and families all day and I can just imagine what there thinking. I had several pimples surface on the left side of my chin and 1 random one on my neck. What does that pimple want on my neck? So, my lips are still dry even more now. Headaches have seemed to have gone away. Hooray!!! No other problems to date.

Yet, another huge cyst has surfaced, but this time a half an inch under my lip. This thing is huge and painful – just like the other 4 vacationing on my face. I am very discouraged. I did not realize that I would have this type of reaction to the medication. From reading everyone else’s experiences, I now realize that this is normal. I also can see little black heads surfacing. I can’t wait to get to a better stage in this process. Still no headaches, lips are very dry, but now from my hips down – I am very sore, especially after sitting for a period of time and when I first get out of bed. It is not unbearable, but noticeable.


always there is hope and your case is long term therapy and cost you alot

from your income and even your psycological life but

why you ask doctor for may spironolactone best for people over 25 although

its  side effect

photodynamic therapy may help you too

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