10 common skin diseases10 most common skin diseases or conditions when we start talk about skin problems we should know there are many many skin problems we see all the time in the clinics and hospitals and these cases

or skin conditions can not be counted and average may reach 1000 skin problems but when we can say that there are almost 100 common skin diseases we always see in our clinics and we should say that there is the 10 most common ones and these 10 most common skin problems is :

1- acne:

the most common skin disorder which affects boys and girls and be chronic inflammatory skin disease

2- alopecia areata:

the second most common problem and have many other types

3- atopic dermatitis:

one of the secret in dermatology and also see in kids and may be associated with other diseases

4- contact dermatitis:

or eczema one of the most common too and always have many types like be in hands too

5- cutaneous adverse drug reactions:

like when someone take drugs or treatment for other diseases

6- nail disorders:

and these are alot and sometimes be difficult to treat and will discuss later

7- psorisis

8- vitiligo

9-  superficial fungal skin infections:

these are major and large groups of names like tinea corporis ,tinea pedis and other types we will make topic for every fungal skin infections

10- warts

and we will explain every topics in separate part and hope we can give you simple information about every skin conditions

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